About Our Boat

Sailing Vessel "Discovery"

Discovery is a 42’ Sloop Rigged Cutter Built by the Down East Yacht building company in 1975. She was acquired by Captain Chandler in 2010 and he has performed a beautiful restoration on her over the past 4 years. Discovery has a full bathroom on board with a shower. She has a full galley on board complete with a gimbaled 3 burner oven/stove that stays level while the boat leans so that you can cook while sailing. There are also ice boxes that will keep ice for weeks at a time. There is room to sleep 6 comfortably. A central air conditioner provides a cool dry boat, although only when at the dock. Discovery can take you on the adventure of a lifetime, so book your trip today!

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Downeaster Discovery

Length Overall: 41' 9"

Length on Deck: 38'

Beam: 11'10"

Ballast/displacement: 8,000 lbs(lead)

Disp/length: 19,500 lbs.

Fuel capacity: 90 Gallons

Water capacity: 115 Gallons

The California-built sailboat has migrated all over the world, including at least three global circumnavigations. A 6-7 knot cruising speed provides a pleasant ride without undue heel. In 15-25 knot winds the modified full keel, with keel-hung rudder, provides superb balance, even in rough seas. The same care given to the boat’s core infrastructure is apparent in the strong rigging and good-quality winches. Early reviews of the Downeaster line said the boats were probably “overbuilt.” In this day and age, that’s a compliment. The Downeast is a boat for sailors who appreciate  quality workmanship with attention to detail.

A generous bowspirit, hefty beam, wineglass transom and the hull’s simulated planking lines are responsible for the general impression that these beauties are bigger and older than they are. Created in California with a Maine sailor’s sensibilities in mind, the Santa Ana-built Downeasters evoked nostalgia and tradition when introduced in the 1970s. That’s even more the case these days.

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Discovery's Story

"Discovery" was built in 1975 in Santa Ana, California, and was trucked to Houston, Texas where she was first launched. She was originally owned by a wealthy land owner from the Houston area, and spent much of her early life roaming the Gulf of Mexico with a few trips to the Caribbean sprinkled here and there. Discovery eventually made her way to the Emerald coast. On September 16, 2004 Hurricane Ivan made landfall just to the west of us. Due to a neglectful owner Discovery ended up breaking loose of her mooring and ended up resting against an oak tree in the back yard of a Santa Rosa Island resident.

She sustained minimal damage in the storm and was hoisted right back into the water. Not even a year later on July 10th, 2005 Hurricane Dennis made landfall right over top of Santa Rosa Island. Discovery didn’t get off so easy this time. A boat broke loose of its mooring and eventually worked its way on top of Discovery. This caused the mast to break, the boat to break loose of its mooring, and serious damage to Discovery. Free of her mooring Discovery went careening down Santa Rosa Sound on a crash course with the most solid concrete docks I’ve ever seen. She crashed through 2 of the 3 concrete docks at “The Boat” Marina and ended up resting between the 2nd and 3rd. Needless to say Discovery sustained a devastating amount of damage from these events. Over the next few years she spent her time anchored/run aground in Joes Bayou on the north side of Destin where much of her equipment was stolen including her mast and sailing rig. Captain Chandler first laid eyes on Discovery in 2008 while working for his first employer who happened to own property right across from where Discovery laid. From the moment he saw her he knew that Discovery would one day be his. What he didn’t realize though is how much work it was going to take to get her back to her original beauty or how hard it was going to be to locate the owner.

Early in 2010, after 2 years of endlessly searching for the mysterious owner of Discovery Captain Chandler and Matt were sailing one of their Hobie Cat sailboats when they looked across Joes Bayou to find law enforcement officers accompanied by a smaller white boat with civilians aboard. They immediately sailed over to investigate. To make a long story short, law enforcement was forcing the old owner to remove the boat from the ground which would be a few thousand dollars to someone who couldn’t get it off themselves. Needless to say the owner was chomping at the bit to sign the boat over to Capt. Chandler and relive himself or responsibility. The boat was in Chandlers name the next day, and so began the long road to a full restoration. Now to make a very long story short, he spent the next 4 years and more money than he likes to talk about to bring Discovery back to her original condition. Of course with a few “tweaks” he says should have been there from the factory. Now since a pictures worth a thousand words, im going to spare you all some reading and post some pictures throughout the restoration.

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